Welcome. Here is a list of our services..

PC tune-up light and heavy, Virus removal light and heavy, OS install XP and up, PC recycling, Estimates and free diagnostics. 


Light services.

    For light virus removal our turnaround times are between two and three days. We offer a simple flat rate of just $75 which includes our light tune-up.

    The light tune-up has a turnaround of just 24 hours, we go through your files and hand pick the duplicate files, temp files and folders, start up items (for a faster boot) and a reallocation of page file size (for general snappiness). For only $40

As a new firm, we are giving away one free light tune-up. Just because we can.

Just mention this during your diagnosis/quote.

                    Free Services

    Over here we understand your not made of money, so we try to make it easy for you to get rid of that old annoying cluttered basement or garage. If you have an old PC that can't go in the trash... Look no further, PC 2 YEW is here to help. We'll pick it up for you. 

    Diagnostics are always free, If we can't quote it on under 20 minutes than you only pay $5. No hidden fees no waiting in lines. 



                Pricing comes at your initial call, there is too many problems out there to try and write them all down with prices. For now I will do 'by call' prices. This is not permanent, I just need more time and resources for a better website and user friendliness. 


Heavy services.

This is for the hard to get rid of Viruses. Turnaround times average between three and five days, with a flat rate of $99 you'll be up and running in no time. Heavy Virus removal includes a light tune-up as well.

A heavy tune-up is only needed if you do any RAM intensive work. If you are a big gamer, notice lag? We can help! For only $60 we can get her back to tip top shape.

                     Other Services

     We can do custom builds (requires pre-payment), OS re-installs/upgrades, General troubleshooting, Android Development, and much much more!    

                    Things to know  

     We obviously can't stay all day fixing your PC, but we can take it to the shop and finish the job there if you'd like. There would be no additional charge and it may speed the process up, however it is not necessary. Turnaround times are estimates and will vary. Also estimated times are based on an average of three to four hours a day working on your project.